The Opportunistic Photographer

    Photographer based in Maui Hawaii USA. Specializing in a wide variety of styles; fashion and glamour, art and stock photography. Providing location portraiture, model portfolios, and creative sessions.

    Thank you for coming to my site.  I'm Charlie Tribbey. Here you see the ongoing results of my photographic endeavors. You will find images here from my life, from Colorado, Alaska, and in the last couple of years,  Maui, Hawaii. 

    I call myself The Opportunistic Photographer in that I will shoot anything that appeals to me. I love photography foremost. Subjects for me, are just about anything really, with the exception of weddings.  While I have been known on occasion to deviate from that rule, it takes a pretty exotic destination to get me to commit.   There are a lot of great wedding photographers out there; I'm simply not one of them.

    The majority of the images you find on this site are available for prints; be it decor for your home or office, or portraits of family and friends. 

    I will be happy to shoot your family vacation or beach portraits, as well as model portfolios, art ideas, and sporting events.

    If you find an image of mine that you feel as stock implementations, please do not hesitate to contact me.  You can also find my work through DesignPics, Inc. of Edmunton, AB Canada, and

    ****Note: I watermark all my images on this site; if you order a print through me, the water mark will not be in the final images you receive.  There will however, be a small branding symbol in the lower right part of the frame.****